Unleash Your Divinity

Your Essence

We live in a magical Universe and being magic ourselves, I believe that we incarnated on planet Earth to bring more of this magic to this realm by simply being our true authentic, magnetic self.

And while you may not always feel like you are magic or that life is magical, through intentional inner work such as:

Healing the wounded ego

Connecting to your true authentic self

Exploring your Divinity

Aligning to your soul’s unique expression

Expanding your consciousness and

Equipping yourself with holistic tools and technologies

You begin uncovering and living the magic that you already are, in each moment that is right within your reach.

Your Expression

At the very heart of my offering is the privilege and honor of reminding my fellow soul travelers of who they are; to remind you of your power, brilliance, and divinity.

Inspired by my own personal journey of healing, transformation, and learning more about the true authentic self and our magnificent cosmos, I have intuitively crafted and created various classes, courses, programs and communities, designed to help you:

Awaken and embody your true authentic self

Align with your Divine mission

Live a blissful and soul-centered life

Make a profound impact in the world

There are many ways we can work together. The best way to decide is to let your heart guide you to the offerings that will serve you best in this season of your life. Explore my offerings below.

“The key to mastering life is mastering the Self.” Phoenixx

My Work

I am here to accompany you along your journey, just like so many of my mentors, teachers, coaches, and friends did for me. Sometimes the self-actualizing journey can seem lonely and be a bit overwhelming, that’s why I feel called to support you so that you can cut through the noise and focus on your growth and heart’s calling.

My job is to demystify spirituality, helping you to recognize that everything spiritual is who we are. Come clear any blockages, harness your life energy, and be experienced more fully as a Divine being having a human experience.

Transformed Lives

Phoenixx helped me gain clarity on issues that were plaguing me for several years. Whenever I feel crippled by situations, her voice still echoes in my mind that I have what it takes to deal with anything.

“Phoenixx is willing to share her own experiences and, like the best coaches in any arena, she leaves me inspired by who I am and excited about the next steps on this journey to becoming my best self.

I am on a new journey of self awareness and universal flow. I feel like I am being called to truly live life beyond my own limits and limiting expectations.


How It Works

Free Breakthrough Session

On this call, we explore your current challenges and who you would like to become. At the end of the session, we would have developed an action plan to create a life of bliss and profound impact.


Choose Coaching or Class

Through convenient online and offline courses or coaching sessions, we embark on an adventure where you are the star of the show and your goals, desires, and dreams can become a reality.

Reach Your Goals

Leave equipped with various holistic tools, techniques, and technologies to heal on all levels, create lasting change from the inside out, and become a purposeful author of your life.

Activate Your Light Coaching 

Do you feel deep within your heart that you were meant to live a life without limits and profoundly share your light with the world? If your answer is yes and you are ready to take the next step towards living as the powerful, brilliant, divine being that you are, then go ahead and schedule a FREE Breakthrough Session with me. Click “More Details.”

More Details

On this call, we explore your current challenges and who you know in your heart you were meant to be. At the end of the session, we would have developed an action plan towards creating a life of bliss and profound impact!

Duration: 1 hr 30 min

Web conferencing details provided upon confirmation.

Unleash Your Brilliance Masterclasses

The greatest gift we can give to ourselves and others is the gift of turning our gaze inwards and committing to the conscious engineering of our inner world because as we change and transform, the world around us also changes and transforms. Click “More Details.”

More Details

Deep within your heart, you intuitively know that you were created for more; that who you are is much more than your roles, titles, identities, possessions, and limitations; that who you are is pure spirit. 

And as Spirit having a human experience, you are here to more than survive; you are here to thrive and make manifest the glory of the Divine as you and through you.

Healing and transformational work are extremely important in helping us become more available to Spirit to flow through us and as us, so that we can truly experience life in its fullest while contributing to making our planet a magical place for all.

Each Masterclass is designed to take you on a deep dive into your being, helping you to: 

  • explore and learn more about your true authentic nature
  • develop your self-awareness muscles thereby helping you to better understand yourself, others, and life
  • heal the energetic and psychological blocks that stifle your brilliance
  • learn holistic tools, techniques, and technologies to help you continuously expand and grow
  • consciously create the soul-centered life of bliss you were meant to live 
  • show up purposefully and powerfully to serve the world
  • unlock your full potential and develop self-mastery
  • become more aligned with your true and authentic self
  • become more clear and focused about your life’s purpose
  • effectively deal with life’s challenges
  • become less affected by the negative, external noise of the world
  • boost your overall sense of self, leading to a lighter, happier, and more fulfilled you
  • consciously contribute to co-creating heaven on earth

Each class is extremely comprehensive and designed to guide, support, and equip you with what you need to help you thrive and advance to the next stage of your soul’s journey.

Transformational Speaking

Using my gift of speech to inspire, uplift, motivate, heal and remind you of the truth of who you are, is one of the ways I get to shine and share my light with the world. Click “More Details.”

More Details

Since the tender age of 8, I have been using my voice on various stages to tell fictional stories of triumph, bravery, healing, service, and love. Today, I passionately continue in this same vein, however, the only difference is, the stories I now tell are real-life stories of heroes and heroines.

I absolutely love connecting with the energy of an audience and amplifying their energy through riveting dialogues and conversations, so that people are stimulated and impacted, mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Sharing my spiritual and personal journey of growth and transformation is at the very heart of my speaking gift as I believe that all of my challenges and struggles were really lessons and opportunities for my expansion and for more of my light to shine through.

As such, I speak from a space of personal experience, sharing all I have explored, learned, gathered, understood, healed from, and still figuring out so that anyone who may resonate with my story, journey, and becoming can extract the medicine and make it their own.

I am a strong proponent of turning inwards to access one’s higher guidance and therefore speak with you to inspire and awaken the wisdom within.

Awaken Wisdom Live Guided Meditations

Tap into the power of “group energy” and rapidly transform your life by joining the tribe for mid-week clearing, clarifying and centering live meditation sessions. Click “More Details.”

More Details

Every Wednesday at 6:00 PM AST on Instagram Live we meet to:

  • Address and heal our wounds and shadows 
  • Harness the power of group energy 
  • Inspire and support each other on our journey
  • Align with the power of the soul
  • Tune inwards to connect with our inner wisdom and guidance

So that we show up purposefully and powerfully to live the life we are meant to live.

Live Your Bliss, Make an Impact.