I Am Phoenixx

The Full Story

My Story

Hello, beautiful being!

Welcome and thank you for the opportunity to share my soul’s calling, passion, and mission with you.

At a very young age, I intuitively knew that my life would be used in the service of others. While at the time, I did not know how I would serve, my heart assured me that no matter the expression, my light would be used to uplift, inspire and liberate others. This deep knowingness stuck with me throughout my life and has been the catalyst behind every educational, career, and life choice I’ve made.

This intense desire to help others was amplified by my own painful childhood experiences, which were marked by intense anger, depression, helplessness, and feelings of being trapped by my family’s circumstances.

I struggled throughout my teenage years and early twenties to follow a path that was laid out for me by my parents, family, church, and society. However, the real battle occurred within me as I pushed down and pushed away who I truly was.

Age 22 was a cataclysmic year, as my entire world shattered to bits, after experiencing the sudden death of a close father figure, failure at University, the ending of a relationship with my soulmate, a toxic living situation with my sister, poor performance at work, being a part of a religious cult, financial woes, depleting health and so much more…

Unknown to me at the time, however, this series of world-shattering experiences was really to clear space to make room for who I really was.

From that time to now, I have been actively engaged in the most satisfying, rewarding, healing, and transformative journey back home to my true authentic self.

My insatiable desire for a deeper understanding of myself and the world around me intuitively led me to various spiritual and personal growth teachers, books, articles, videos, and courses which have all helped me to better understand myself as a spiritual being having a human experience.

In 2019, I had a second awakening, once again marked by depleting health and intense life challenges. I was eventually diagnosed with premature signs of multiple sclerosis.

It was during this time of darkness, intense pain, confusion, and deep reflection that I felt my heart pulling at me to further explore my soul’s calling. While I was not sure what it was exactly, because I said yes to my heart, my heart said yes to me and guided me to Awakenings Institute where I pursued a Holistic Life Coaching and Healing program.

This program was a significant turning point in my life, equipping me with various holistic tools, techniques, and technologies, I used to heal myself, thereby allowing me to unlock my soul’s brilliance.

It was also through the pursuit of this transformative program that I became clearer on my soul’s mission of helping other beings to awaken and embody their true and authentic selves and divine mission.

I firmly believe in my heart that all of my life’s experiences, both past and present, serve my soul in learning the lessons it set out to learn before I incarnated. Each and every joyful and painful experience has helped to strengthen me all towards my ultimate growth and expansion.

It is by this same expression of grace that I now dedicate my life to helping others truly thrive and align to the highest expression of their soul so that, at the end of their incarnation, they would have lived their bliss and made their biggest impact in the world.

Connect and Change the World.