From My Heart to Yours

Let Go & Step into Divine Flow Guided Meditation

It may seem counterintuitive, but with this guided meditation,you will experience why truly letting go and surrendering allows you to move forward effortlessly,  and show up with ease, flow, support and bliss.


Heal Shame & Guilt Guided Meditation

 By sending waves of lovingkindness, compassion and grace to your inner self, heal those wounds of shame and guilt with this soothing and reflective meditation. Forgive yourself, and with clarity and tenderness, create a new relationship with you.


Heal Karmic Relationships Guided Meditation

Relationships tend to be our greatest teacher of soul lessons. In this meditation, discover how to release limiting ties, sever binding cords, and unravel from connections that no longer serve you or your highest and best self.


Grounding & Centering Guided Meditation

Achieve the feeling of being anchored, secured and sturdy in your body with this simple, yet powerful meditation. Like a strong and healthy tree, feel rooted, nourished and solidified in yourself and in your surroundings.


Connect with Your Soul & Higher Self Guided Meditation

Like a seed, everything that you need to flourish and expand is already programmed into your essence. Use this guided meditation to connect with your soul and higher self, tapping into the powerful and loving energy that is always at your core.


Gain Clarity & Guidance Guided Meditation

Gently shift your perspective and reset your reality from an elevated state of clarity, safety and abundance with this refreshing and nourishing meditation. Get ready to tune into your inner compass, and be divinely guided by your own soul’s wisdom.


Heal Generational Karma & Trauma Guided Meditation

In the same way that physical features can be easily identified as belonging to a particular family lineage, family’s can also have recurring karmic patterns and traumas that are unhealthy and unhealed. Use this meditation to bring light and  illumination to the dark karmic shadows that no longer serves your soul’s purpose.


Step by Step Guide to Living in The Flow of Love & Light

Ready to step into the flow of love & light? Use this step by step guide to help you transcend the limiting beliefs that are blocking your flow to a life of love & light.

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