Did you know that there are no duplicates in all of the Universe? Each blade of grass, each leaf, each tree, each rock, each bird, each fish, each snowflake, each human, no matter how similar they may appear, is created uniquely them.

Even something as temporary or seemingly insignificant as a snowflake has its own unique distinction, expression and authenticity.

Why is this? 

I believe, amongst other reasons, through our uniqueness, we contribute to the vastness, variety and richness of life, in a way that can only be expressed through us and by us. 

Essentially, you are a one of a kind edition that will never again be experienced by the world.

This makes you pretty amazing, won’t you say? I believe so!

And that’s precisely why, when we suppress who we truly are by subjecting ourselves to the ideals and opinions of others, by adopting identities in an attempt to fit in and hide from our truth, we are essentially denying ourselves of experiencing the joy and true fulfillment of being in alignment with our true selves. This also results in denying the world of our unique light and flavor.

Don’t get me wrong, I totally understand and have personally experienced the challenges we face, when we seek to be our true selves, in a society that celebrates sameness and staying within the established lines. 

However, I firmly believe that the results (unhappiness, disappointment, regret, dissatisfaction, depression to name a few) of denying who we truly are, is more detrimental than staying within the colored lines that were drawn by others anyway. 

Starting today, in what small ways can you begin to align to your truth, honor your uniqueness, give yourself permission and embrace your true self?

This small step could look like spending some quiet time reflecting on 1 or 2 areas where you may be suppressing your true self or even hiding your truth. Write down how it feels when you reject who you truly are and if you are ready, forgive yourself for this self-rejection. 

You will be amazed by how this small but powerful step can be the first step towards liberating yourself and stepping into your true, unique expression.

Remember, we serve the world, just by being who we are, authentically.


Photo by Jr Korpa on Unsplash

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