I know this is probably a strange question to ask, especially because most of us have learnt that fear is bad and we should avoid it at all cost.

However, I invite you to look at your fears with a different set of eyes and instead explore, non-judgmentally what the fear might be trying to tell you.

Believe it or not, fear is one of the ways that our mind seeks to protect us from danger, by creating a series of mental possibilities(often negative) and related chemical responses in the body that can sometimes be ‘unpleasant’, so that we will thoroughly question our next course of action before taking it.

This is especially true when we are embarking on a new path or venture. Because the mind has little or no existing information about the experience, it sometimes goes into protective mode, which is then experienced as fear. 

This very sophisticated, protective mechanism however, if not consciously managed, can sometimes, deter us from moving forward and stepping into bold action because of how convincing the thoughts and emotions can seem.

Thankfully, however, there are several ways we can learn how to manage our fears, so that it works for us and not against us and does not hinder us from fully living.

One way is learning how to use self-inquiry to unearth exactly what the fear wants for you and how you can use that information to consciously create an experience that quells the fear, while ensuring that you achieve your goal.

Here is a powerful self-inquiring process that I use myself, that will help you unearth what your fears actually want for you, thereby creating a different relationship with fear. The process will also help you to reprogram your subconscious limitations, so that you show up even more powerfully to your life and big dreams.

1. What’s your goal or the vision you want to step into? (Include the WHAT and HOW you want to feel. The more specific + clear you are, the better.)

Eg: I want to create a life where I travel the world living in different countries + growing my business, while feeling a sense of deep adventure and purpose.  

2. What’s one fear you have of having your goal? “If I have my goal, I fear…”

Eg: If I travel and work, then I fear I’ll be ungrounded and unsettled because of the constant relocating and may not be able to serve effectively and have a successful business. 

3. What does your fear want for you? How is it trying to serve you? What do I fear would happen if I stopped believing that?

Eg: The fear wants to make sure that I am safe, stable and grounded  + successful in my business.

4. How can you have both the goal + what the fear wants for you?

Eg: How can I  have a life of travel and work, while feeling safe, stable & grounded + successful in my business.

Ans: I can setup my business so that I am not required to work in it constantly and hire support to help me in the day to day operations, so that the business supports my nomadic lifestyle.

5. What’s one action step you can take this week towards your dreams to kick start this into momentum?

Eg: I can research business models that supports nomadic lifestyles and talk to others who are successful digital nomads.

If you try the process, feel free to share your answers, by sending me a reply email. I’d love to hear all about it.


Image by Horst Doehler from Pixabay

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