Life Coach, Wendi Jensen states that, “At any given moment there are estimated 30,000 different options for our mind to choose from.”

By habit and training, our mind will usually only access those possibilities we believe are probable because we have had some evidence to trust the outcome. 

Because our subconscious programming has been completely enmeshed in our environment, it is not likely we will choose to answer life’s questions outside of our current paradigm.

It has not even occurred to the mind that there are literally thousands of other possibilities yet to be explored. 

This limited way of perceiving the world, can be frustrating, leading you to believe that life is unfair and outside of our control.

Thankfully, however, you have the power to reprogram your mind to be more open and receptive to the over 27,000 other possibilities that exist.

One simple way of beginning the reprogramming process is by enlisting your curiosity and asking this powerful question, “What else is possible?” when faced with a challenge or difficult situation, instead of concluding on what you think is possible.

When you elicit the power of such questions, you actively engage the mind to go find the answers, unlocking new possibilities, energies and awareness outside of your current scope of experience & knowledge bank.

The mind may then trigger a desire to do some research or reach out to someone who may have the experience and expertise in the challenge you are facing.

Additionally, you may feel compelled to go take a nap or spend time meditating, which makes you even more receptive to receive insights and guidance from your inner wisdom…the possibilities are endless.

Training your mind to live in the field of possibilities, is without a doubt transformative, as life is experienced with more openness, ease, joy, grace and flow, which ultimately is what we all desire. 

Remember, when feeling stuck or boxed in by the limitations of the mind, ask , “What else is possible?” and experience the magic of life, outside of your current paradigm.


Photo by Lucas Benjamin on Unsplash 

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