I see you lightworker, starseed, forerunner, change agent, badass! I see you and honor you for your courage and boldness in answering the call of your soul. 

I know it was not easy to choose the path less travelled, to choose a path that looked so different to the pre-existing templates, to choose a path that challenges the very fabric of a world in need of change.  

But here you are, despite the uncertainty, confusion, doubt, isolation, rejection and fear, you chose to follow the gentle whispers, the compelling nudges and invisible breadcrumbs, to heal, grow and expand, so that you can help others and the world do the same.

I know that there are times you question your decision and want to give up and throw in the towel and may even consider taking the easier, more traveled road.

However, in those moments of doubt and weariness, place your hand on your heart and go within, sink even deeper into your truth and remember your why. 

And as you remember why you came and why you chose to follow your soul’s calling, feel into the immense love and support of the Universe, your guides and angels conspiring to help you achieve your mission.

In time dear one it will get easier, as this evolutionary wave of healing, change and transformation continues to wash over more of humanity. 

I encourage you to stay the course, committing in each moment to the calling of your soul as we continue to be instrumental in raising the vibrational frequency of the planet, in welcoming the dawn of the new earth.


Photo by Abdullah Ghatasheh from Pexels

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