One of the biggest reasons why your manifestations may not be materializing, is as a direct result of your vibration!


You are very clear on what it is you  want or desire

You do the necessary clearing of any energetic, psychological & physical debris that might be blocking its fruition

You  are taking the necessary steps towards allowing what you want to come into your experience

You surrender the outcome to the Universe

You are patient and at some level believe it is on its way


Somehow what you want seems to be nowhere in sight. Actually, it seems to be lost somewhere in the ethereal realm.

I know…This can be super frustrating and can eventually lead to us abandoning our dreams and visions.

However, before aborting your manifestations, take sometime to honestly assess whether your faith, trust and more so knowingness in the Universe’s ability to deliver your desires is iron clad. 

The truth is, whatever we ask for is already given from an energetic perspective. However, for you to receive it in your physical awareness, you must become the energetic match for the thing you are calling in and likewise know and trust that it’s already on its it way.

This is often where the challenge lies…we doubt whether we can actually have what we desire. We doubt ourselves and we doubt the Universe with thoughts such as:

I wonder “IF” this is possible

I’m not sure “IF” this will happen for me

What “IF” this never happens

These “IF” thoughts or wavering thoughts are potential interrupters or blocks to the inflow of your manifestations and can be one of the contributors to its delay. 

As such, instead of “IF” you want to live in the realm of WHEN:

WHEN my dreams come true

WHEN it happens for me

WHEN I reach my goals

One of the most powerful ways you can shift those doubtful “IF” thoughts and frequency to “WHEN” is by training your vibration daily, so that you become a vibrational match, for what you are manifesting.

“Everything is energy and that’s all there is. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. ” – Albert Einstein

When you practice how you would feel, when you have what it is you desire- you essentially become the vibrational match for the reality you are calling in and this helps to bring it faster into your physical awareness.

Today I’m sharing a tried and tested technique I developed a few years ago and have successfully used to manifest my dream life.

The technique, which I call a Vibrational Energy Grid  (click link for E-Guide), uses the Law of Attraction and the Law of Energy/Vibration, to help you create anything.  

Vibrational Energy Grids can be used to create anything you desire to manifest, from the type of day you want to have, to the relationship you are calling in, to the business you would like to create. It can literally be applied to any experience you would like to create.

N.B. This technique is a suggested practice, which has worked for me and several clients with varying results. Additionally, this manifesting technique is not a quick fix, ‘get what you want now” method. It is a practice and is meant to be used consistently and over time.

Happy Manifesting!


Photo by Jonathan Borba from Pexels

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