Within the past few weeks, I have been using an extremely powerful Heart Healing Guided Meditation by Christie Marie Sheldon, an intuitive healer and author, designed to help you open up to an abundance of love.

And, can I tell you how absolutely impactful it has been in helping me to do just that, open up to the infinite flow of Divine Love that is available to us in unlimited supply in every moment. (Side note: My accepted understanding of Divine Love is the universal energy that gives life to everything. It is the intelligence that powers the cosmos and is the creator and the created.)

The meditation has truly helped me to see that as emissaries of the Divine, it is through us that this intelligent love gets to express and experience itself in an infinite number of ways. 

And it is through our receptivity to this love and through our co-creations with it, that more love becomes available to us in this realm.

However, because we are agents of free will, this life giving energy will not force its expression through us, we must choose it and become available and receptive to it, allowing it to guide and power our experiences.

Today, I invite you to take moment to go within and explore the areas of your life you may be blocking the flow of Divine Love through you, to you and as you.

Once you identify the blocks, explore the Heart Healing Meditation as a daily practice, to help you remove them and become more available to the abundance of Divine Love that is eagerly waiting to flow through your life in a profound and magical way.


Image by Glegle from Pixabay

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