For the past several centuries, humanity has promoted and been driven by the energy of competition, as a catalyst for progress and evolution.

This competitive energy fuels practically every aspect our existence; including our education, commerce, careers, belief systems, family dynamics etc.

Competition is embedded in the very fabric of our being. It is evident even in the youngest child, who seeks to win at all cost and be recognized as better than.

It has been argued by the proponents of competition that without it, we as a species will not thrive or advance, because we will lack the motivation to do better.

But is this really true? As a species, have we ALL thrived and advanced?

According to the dictionary, competition is the activity or condition of striving to gain or win something – by defeating or establishing superiority over others.

This definition alone clearly expresses the fearful, lackful, scarcity-driven energy competition is grounded in. And serves to deepen the illusion of separation, which I believe is the source of most, if not all of humanity’s ills and issues.

While the ideology of competition may have perhaps served a certain cross section of humanity, I believe we can honestly conclude that it has not been beneficial to all. In fact, I believe it is a deterrent and threat to the longevity of our species. 

As we continue to transition into welcoming our New Earth, low vibrational energies and paradigms such as competition, will not serve us and must be replaced with higher vibrational energies- grounded in love, abundance, possibilities and oneness.

This very important and needed shift in humanity’s consciousness is by no means an easy task. This is because the energy of competition runs deep within us all.

However, if each and everyone of us commit to making the changes within ourselves, (through our inner-work and within our circles of influence,) overtime, we can heal the competitive wound and establish a new paradigm. A new paradigm imbued in collaboration, corporation, togetherness and oneness.

So let’s start today. Let’s consciously begin to change the way we think and the language we use to we, us, synergy, teamwork, co-creations, tribes, communities and the like.

Let’s fully embrace the golden opportunity to be change agents, who has the ability to steer life as we know it in a more serving, abundant and loving direction.

A direction that will truly advance the species and immensely improve life as we know it for ALL.


Photo by Jr Korpa on Unsplash

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