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About Me

Hello, beautiful being! I’m Phoenixx.

My life’s mission and absolute joy are guiding lightworkers, like you, to live your bliss and make your biggest impact in the world by helping you awaken and embody your true self and divine mission.

I believe that each and every one of us is an inherently powerful, brilliant, and divine being who incarnated here on earth to bring heaven to our planet through our unique expressions and contributions. 

However, along our journey, our true, authentic essence got covered up by our conditioning, which resulted in us forgetting who we really are, leading to a life of mediocrity, inauthentic living, and playing small.

Through a combination of transformational techniques and various healing modalities, I intuitively guide, teach and support you on your journey back to your brilliance, so that you show up fully to life.


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Let’s Journey Together to Awaken THE TRUE YOU

As a  trained, certified Holistic Life Coach and Healer with a BSc. in Psychology, I use my knowledge, experience and expertise to help others gain clarity, heal from past wounds and create a blissful, soul-centered life that purposefully and profoundly impacts the world.

Create lasting change from the inside out

Align with the Divine agenda of your soul

Become a purposeful author of your life

Contribute to co-creating heaven on earth

Activate Your Light Coaching

Embark on an adventure where you are the guiding star and your goals, desires, and dreams can become an actual reality. Find your light and transform your life.

Unleash Your Brilliance Masterclasses

Heal, transform, and self-engineer your inner world, while consciously creating an outer world that blissfully aligns with the unique expression of your soul.

Transformational Speaking

Remember the truth of who you are as a Divine being, and get clear on your soul’s mission through co-creative conversations that inspire, uplight, motivate, and heal.

Soul Wisdom Blog

Transformed Lives

“Phoenixx helped me gain clarity on issues that were plaguing me for several years. My life view was not the best and she challenged my negative thinking and helped me to develop a more positive outlook on life. Whenever I feel crippled by situations, her voice still echoes in my mind that I have what it takes to deal with anything. I have been applying her tried and true approaches and techniques to all areas of my life with great results. Phoenixx is an excellent Coach & Teacher. I continue to be amazed by her very useful and simple techniques to combat stress and to make better decisions. Even my loved ones have noticed the positive change in me and how I relate to them.”

Natoya Williams – Beautician

“I have been moved and impressed by how impactful Phoenixx’s coaching has been in my life. Firstly, Phoenixx listens in a way that is capaciously generous and compassionate. Each time we speak, she connects with the depth of what I say leaving me feeling heard and understood.  Phoenixx has so many holistic modalities and energy techniques in her tool belt, too, so she was able to offer me concrete practices that have helped create a whole new landscape of possibility and personal power. She’s willing to share her own experiences and, like the best coaches in any arena, she leaves me inspired by who I am and excited about the next steps on this journey to becoming my best self.”

Dr.  Danielle Elliot – Educator & Multi-media Performing Artist

During my coaching program, I was blessed with the opportunity to engage with Phoenixx. I can say that my experience was one of self-empowerment which was truly amazing. Her service was professional and truly exceptional. This journey was inspiring to me because I learnt so many things about myself and life. The transformation that I have seen within myself from then to now can only be described as mind-blowing because the solutions to my problems were always within and this journey has led me to that discovery.”

Joella Quamina – Sales Representative

I was introduced to Phoenixx 3 years ago. During this time I have learnt so much about myself which I was unaware of previously. My sessions with her has sparked deep introspection and self discovery. I am on a new journey of self awareness and universal flow. I feel like I am being called to truly live life beyond my own limits and limiting expectations. I am truly grateful for the abundance of thoughts and possibilities that I am now open to experience as a result of working with her.”

Ronald Brizan – Entrepreneur

“It is evident that Phoenixx believes in identifying the blocks that contribute to our own limitations which prevent us from attaining our truest potential. As such our interactions have always served to unearth situations and instances which were present in the subconscious but required the necessary techniques to be revealed. She is a genuine being whose primary objective is help others live their best life.”

Garlene Hicks – Educator & Student Empowerment Coach

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